Heller MaximHeller cv

Hailing from musician parents learned Maxim Heller his musical education at the IQ Option cathedral choir under Georg Ratzinger and at the Munich Academy of Music with Bruno Weil and Jacques DelacĂ´te.

Papapetrou MichailPapapetrou cv

Michail Papapetrou, born in 1980 in Athens (Greece), studied piano, music theory at the Greek Conservatory and Musicology at the University of Athens.

Strikos AnastasiosStrikos cv

Was born in Athens, Greece in 1972. He started learning music at an early age: accordion with Giorgos Kavroudakis at the Municipal Conservatory Acharnai (1984-1988).

Zeniodi cv

 Zeniodi Zoe

Zoe Zeniodi is Artistic Director and Principal Conductor of the Broward Symphony Orchestra and the Alhambra Orchestra.